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Management, team & organizational development

Coaching, training & supervision to support you in conflicts, changes and challenges

Emergency Psychology & Crisis Management

Prevention, support and aftercare of human crises in companies and organizations

Aptitude diagnostics (personnel selection)

Selection & analysis with heart and mind

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Details on the offered services... get an idea of the spectrum of my work. You are also welcome to contact me any time if you have questions.

Management, team & organizational development

My activities in companies and organizations of various sizes (from small businesses to international corporations) are based on years of experience as a coach, trainer and supervisor for organizations, teams as well as managers and specialised staff in companies. My approach is holistic, free from dogmas or a specific doctrine. In addition, I have my work constantly supervised by experts in order to reduce blind spots. For me, continuous education and constant exchange with experts are a essential part of building skills. My approach includes elements from the systemic school, from neurolinguistic programming and crisis intervention just as well communication psychology. In addition, my approach is spiced with humor, confrontation at the "right" moment and always underpinned by appreciation, authenticity, trust and empathy.


In terms of content, my main focus on my trainings is trauma prevention and crisis management (here I use my professional experience in emergency psychology and crisis intervention). Trainings in the areas of communication (e.g. interpersonal communication processes and patterns, internal and external communication in companies, body language), management & personality development (e.g. value work, determination of life motives, etc.) also belong to my core expertise.


In coachings, I work on team development (e.g. roles in a team, systemic dynamics, mediation, etc.) in companies, in change management (e.g. actual-target analysis, target definition, monitoring of processes, etc.) and in business coaching and leadership development. You can find more information about coaching events and your benefits as a customer here.

Emergency Psychology & Crisis Management

Companies and organizations are exposed to a multitude of risks. One of the highest goods to be protected is the health of your employees. While there are often a few offers in company health management, the possibilities for systematic health maintenance in crises, exceptional situations and in the case of outstanding stress are often not fully evaluated. The consequences are chronic illnesses, dissatisfaction, high levels of sick leave and fluctuation as well as permanent impairments in individual areas of the company or organization. In preparation for possible emergencies as well as during and after an emergency, I support affected individuals or groups in companies and organizations as an emergency psychologist and crisis manager for the prevention and reduction of psychological impairments.


For example, I prepare potential victims and relatives in the event of natural disasters (e.g. floods, storms), technical emergencies (e.g. traffic accidents, fires), medical emergencies (e.g. heart attacks, stillbirths) or interpersonal emergencies (e.g. B. robbery, rape, burglary) and support you and your company during and after stressful crisis situations.


You can get a more detailed insight into my activities for possible assignments in your company here (crisis management) and here (crisis communication).

- Prevention: e.g. courses on "psychological first aid" and crisis communication, introduction of crisis-proofen structures, crisis check, emergency strategy, emergency exercises and management training;


- Intervention: e.g. crisis intervention directly on site and / or by telephone, crisis management, crisis coaching;


- Follow-up care: e.g. team supervision, optimization of the existing crisis structures based on the evaluation of the critical situation, psychological counseling & crisis coaching;

Aptitude diagnostics (personnel selection)

If you want to teach a giraffe how to climb a tree, you will quickly reach your limits in your company with instruments of personnel development (e.g. coaching). If the goal is to reach the top of the tree, then you should probably put a monkey on that goal. What is this comparison supposed to mean? Personnel development can only be as good as the previous personnel selection. My competencies lie in the job-related suitability assessment according to DIN 33430 for personnel selection (e.g. through requirement analyzes, observer training, management audits, potential analyzes, applicant management, aptitude interviews, quality assurance, legal frameworks, etc.). Successful development of the company in all its facets begins with the selection of the right employees for the right positions.


You can get a more detailed insight into my activities for possible assignments in your company here (personnel selection for companies + job selection for applicants).


Furthermore, my experience lies in risk assessment (e.g. analysis of crisis structures) in the context of crisis management (see Emergency Psychology & Crisis Management).


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