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Right at the beginning, a few voices & impressions from customers

Dr. Hauke Schmidt-Tychsen
Managing Director of the 900 GRAD law firm, graduate in business administration, tax advisor

"Andreas has supported our company as a coach and all-rounder competently and with foresight for about 1 1/2 years during major structural changes through executive coaching, in personnel selection and team development, and is a great relief and enrichment for the entire management."

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Sustainable first-class quality & development for your company from a single source!

*** Reasons for bookings and your benefits as a company! ***


Because you and your company are worth it.


"It is not the mountain that we conquer - we conquer ourselves" (Edmund Hillary)


Is this just a coherent quote because quotes look great on a home page? No! I have made the experience that many people - including me - who deal with their development potential, combined with the instructions for self-reflection in their free time or while working in nature, seek and find an important balance from the daily overwhelming mass of data. There are enough articles and literature that critically address the constant availability in the digital, global and urban world. Because the present epoch gives us the impression of the availability of almost everything and everyone. But we hardly get any real response.


In my work I therefore often deal with the screaming basic human needs for resonance, inner harmony and a strong self-worth. So that they can find their way strengthened, goal-oriented and with clarity in the daily chaos of the working world (see also my articles on excellence & development). I do not demonize technology, digitization and the use of modern media in any way, but rather use them in my daily work in an accomplished and comprehensive manner.


However, in my coachings, in management, team and organizational development as well as in supervision, I create a balance with other essential areas of thinking, feeling and acting. These are, for example, closeness to nature, integration of inner parts, existential issues, the dialectic of things (balance between power and powerlessness, duration and change, closeness and distance, etc.) as well as the transfer of the essence from biology into economic processes.


I am therefore happy to work with clients in different places around the world, so that this important connection can flow into organizations and companies as a source of strength. Because as an ambitious hobby mountaineer, hiker, traveler and pilot to be, I know about the coherence and power of the connection between nature and postmodernism. From the integration of primeval human basic needs fed by nature on the one hand and the advantages of an analytical, technical perspective in companies on the other hand, something new emerges. Together we achieve economic success, experiences of resonance and self-reliant, satisfied employees in your company.


A worthwhile goal is to understand and influence our conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and behavioral patterns. Then we can master every mountain, every challenge. For more flexibility in thinking, feeling and acting.


Browse through the different content on my website and get a first impression of my quality standards in the fields of systemic coaching, supervision, training, emergency psychology and aptitude diagnostics (Kiel / nationwide / worldwide) and get to know me personally.


Respectfully, your Andreas Matuschek!

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