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Occasions & benefits

The topics I´m frequently working on, my services and the advantages for you as a customer at one glance

The following topics are often the cause of a customer request and could also affect you and your company:

  • Departure of a managing director or new management

  • Consolidation, expansion or fusion

  • New structures or restructuring

  • Frustration with hierarchical decisions

  • Changed or unclear requirements, goals and new products / services

  • New employees, departures and conflicts in teams

  • Problems with filling vacancies by competent specialists and managers

  • Reorganization or austerity measures

  • Succession planning

  • Changed economic situation

  • Conflicts between departments, employees, management, customers and suppliers

  • Critical communication as well as emergencies and disasters and crisis management (here)

  • High fluctuation and high sickness rates as well as dissatisfied and demotivated employees

  • Education for managers, teams and employees

The following services are available to you as a customer to deal with the challenges in your company:

  • Systemic coaching & supervision

  • Team & organizational development

  • Management & specialist development

  • Change management & process support

  • Strategic advice

  • Crisis communication & management

  • Internal & external communication

  • Aptitude diagnostics (personnel selection)

Your advantages as a customer at one glance:

  • Increase in the professional performance of employees

  • Promoting entrepreneurial resilience and agility

  • Improving the productivity, satisfaction and motivation of the entire team

  • Reduction in sick leave and fluctuation in the company

  • Improvement and / or realignment of the corporate identity (self-image) and the corporate image (external image, reputation)

  • Training and improvement of management skills including clear roles in the company

  • Crisis-proofed structures and professionalization of communication

  • Elaboration of meaningful and sustainable goals, values as well as a clear mission and vision

  • Less conflicts and harmonization of the working atmosphere

  • Increasing the attractiveness of the company for specialists and executives

  • Competent support in all processes, challenges and changes

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